Champagne House near Epernay

Vine owner, wine-grower and winemaker since 1874 in Ay, a town near Epernay, at the heart of the Champagne vineyard, the PM ROGER & FILS Champagne House welcomes you on this website.

The Vineyard
Carte Champagne PM Roger & Fils

Our Champagnes

The result of subtle blends, each cuvée in the PM ROGER & FILS range reveals its style, its character and the reflection of its terroir to offer everyone a unique tasting moment.

Our range
Exploitation viticole à Ay près d’Epernay

Vineyard estate in Ay near Epernay

The ROGER family settled in Ay, at the heart of the Champagne vineyard, to grow their vine in accordance with nature, with passion and rigor, with the sole purpose of producing quality champagne.

Pour toute demande de tarifs, renseignements ou visite de l’exploitation CHAMPAGNE PM ROGER & FILS, merci de prendre contact par téléphone ou par mail.