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Visit a Champagne House in Ay – Epernay

Champagne PM Roger et Fils Reims

It is usually advised to drink the PM ROGER & FILS CHAMPAGNE shortly after buying it (though it depends on the champagne). If you want it to mature, put it in a dry and fresh place with a steady temperature, but above all away from light.

Champagne tasting

The right temperature for the PM ROGER & FILS CHAMPAGNE is about 8°C (46°F). Immerse the bottle in a bucket with water and ice for 20 minutes before you serve it. However, we don’t recommend putting the bottle in the freezer, because it kills aromas and tastes. The cork also becomes very difficult to get out.

Pour the PM ROGER & FILS CHAMPAGNE, preferably in a champagne or a tasting glass that has to be cleaned with water and carefully dried. Otherwise, a little water can break the bubbles. Then let the magic of the bubbles work…

Observe, admire, smell and taste this divine nectar… Cheers!

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